AON Gutter Cleaning offer the very best domestic gutter cleaning services for your home. Our SkyVac vacuums will remove all the debris such as foliage, bird nests, pieces of roof tiles, vegetation (pine needles etc) from your gutters.

A blocked gutter or downspout poses the risk of water damage to your property. You can rest assured with our reliable gutter cleaning services. Flexible in our approach, our high quality equipment ensure your two, three or even four-storey high gutters are cleaned successfully. We also cover extensions, conservatories, outbuildings and garages with ease.



Gutters are easily congested due to leaves, weeds, old roof tiles, old bird nests, moss, silt, plant debris, or even branches. Gutters help in the channeling of rainwater away from your home, so keeping them clear is essential. 

  • Protecting Your Roof

Blocked gutters give no way for the rainwater to drain away, and water starts flooding. If left unattended, it will soon lead to a leaky roof.

  • Preventing Water Damage

With a clean gutter without debris and vegetation, water gets to the outlet to drain away, protecting your house and roof from water damage.

  • Safe and Sound Foundation

When water does not find its outlet through gutters and downspouts, it will start pooling in your foundation, giving way to cracks. Clean gutters will keep your foundation safe and sound.

If gutters are blocked, then the rainwater will damage your home severely. With a blocked and dirty drain, you are at a high risk of dampness, mould, loss of woodwork and paintwork, algae growth, and you even risk subsidence. Our professional cleaners help in keeping your gutter clean and blockage-free.



  • Provide gutter cleaning services across houses, schools, universities, and other commercial properties.
  • Fair and inexpensive pricing
  • No call out charges
  • Highly qualified operatives
  • Health & safety conscious personnel



We provide an unsurpassed commercial and domestic gutter cleaning service in and around Wigan and St Helens with carbon fibre poles and SkyVac vacuum systems we operate from the safety of the ground. With top-level equipment and highly specialised operatives, AON Gutter Cleaning guarantees quick cleaning of all the gutters, even in narrow spaces where access is difficult. Our services are fast, affordable, safe and without any hassle to residents.

We uphold your privacy at all times.



AON Gutter Cleaning provides the most competitive and affordable prices in Wigan and St Helens with the very highest standards of work. We never have any hidden charges or call-out charges.

Terraced properties from £55

Semi-detached from £55

Detached properties from £60

These prices are typical for gutter cleaning to both front and rear elevations. If you require only one elevation then we can offer this from £35 depending on the size of the property and the level of debris present in your gutters.

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Health and safety is our foremost priority for both our esteemed clients and workforce. We have dedicated operatives to work with high level gutters, having the appropriate skill sets and experience. All our equipment and personnel are health and safety compliant. We ensure efficient and correct gutter cleaning services.



How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned in the UK?

Gutter cleaning prices depend upon the length of your gutters, the type of property and the level of debris built up in your gutters and downspouts. Our pricing starts at £35 for a single elevation and even a large 4 bed detached property starts from just £65.

How often should you get gutters cleaned in the UK?

You should clean your gutters at least once a year. But in places with heavy foliage, it is recommended to clean your gutter at least every six months to prevent blockages and potential resulting damage to your property.

How do you clean gutters without a ladder?

Gutters can be cleaned with the help of vacuums without getting on a ladder. For multi-storey buildings, professionals use lightweight carbon fibre poles and ground-based vacuums to clean your gutters without the need for a ladder.



We mainly cover St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Whiston, Knowsley, Prescot, Huyton, Rainford, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Newton-le-Willows, Kirkby, Crank, Rainhill, Crawford Village, Haydock, Burtonwood.

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Dont hesitate to call AON Gutter Cleaning Services if you have any questions regarding the condition of your gutters. Give us a call on 07455550125, drop us an e-mail, or fill out the contact form and well be happy to help.

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