AON Gutter Cleaning delivers first-class commercial gutter cleaning services in North West England. We cater to all your needs of industrial, retail and commercial buildings in the UK. Whether you are looking after a school, a hospital or anything in-between – we are there to clean your gutters at the best price.



Gutter cleaning forms a crucial part of your annual maintenance program. Cleaning your gutters annually or semi-annually makes sure that you are proficiently dispersing the rainwater.

  • Keeping the Rainwater away

If gutters are not cleaned suitably, they get clogged with foliage, twigs, debris, roof tiles etc. Blocked gutters do not allow the rainwater to drain, potentially causing severe damage to your structure.

  • Insurance Claim

If you don’t clean your gutters and your building suffers a loss, you may not get insurance in the future. The insurance companies will hold you at fault for not cleaning the gutters. You will be unable to recoup any failure on your building if you are not cleaning your gutter semi-annually or annually.

  • Protected Roof and Foundation

Blocked gutters are detrimental to your building’s roof, foundation and leakage can cause damage to types of equipment stored inside. We provide you with unsurpassed gutter cleaning services in St Helens, Wigan and surrounding areas.

  • Avoiding Leaks

If your gutters are not cleaned and water gets clogged, it will inevitably lead to leaks and damp. You will not only cause structural deterioration to your property, but risk the chances of success in making an insurance claim.



Without proper maintenance, your gutters will become weather-beaten and damaged. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure the longevity of the channels and your building.

  • 12-meter carbon fibre poles
  • Fully trained operatives
  • Cleaning and flushing downpipes
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Affordable prices
  • Guaranteed cleaning



We have a whole range of gutter cleaning services for our commercial clients throughout St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Birkenhead, Hale, Chester, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, Leigh, Bolton, Atherton, Worsley, Lymm, Ormskirk, Southport. Our systems are complete with modular carbon fibre poles which enable multi-story access up to 12 meters in height – removing all the debris efficiently from the safety of the ground without any need for scaffold or dangerous ladders.

Our fully trained operatives can clean the gutters of just about any commercial space such as schools, universities, office blocks, hospitals, and even retail parks.



We guarantee you the highest standard of gutter cleaning services. If you call us and we are unable to clean your gutters, you will not be charged. We work at the convenience of our customers and will provide you with the best service at a time which suits you best.



Are gutter guards a waste of money?

Gutter guards are ineffective and do not serve any purpose. It is best to avoid gutter guards. Debris, dirt and weeds just grow around them, but this just makes the gutter cleaning task more time consuming and expensive. It’s much better to stick to a regular schedule of cleaning your gutters.

What’s in my dirty gutters?

It is the combination of dirt, debris, moss and broken tiles which washes and accumulates in your gutters.

How do I know if my downspout is clogged?

A telltale sign to look out for is water overflowing from your gutters. If the water flows out of the bottom of the downspout carrying with itself debris, then your downspout is not clogged. But if the water backs up in the gutter, it is blocked. The blockage needs to be urgently removed in order to make it clear and fully functional.



Hiring professionals such as AON Gutter Cleaning ensures that all health and safety procedures are followed, and that specialised teams are at work. You don’t have to worry about blockages, safety issues or privacy when AON is working for you.

Please dont hesitate to call AON Gutter Cleaning Services if you have any questions regarding the condition of your gutters. Give us a call on 07455550125, drop us an e-mail, or fill out the contact form and well be happy to help.

Gutter Cleaning at NHS Leighton Hospital

We've been trusted by national organisations such as our NHS to maintain gutters on their premises as shown here.

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